MEDEON- DAMATERA G.P. is a new company that operates nationwide in the field of disinfection, disinfestations, rodenticides and repulsion. It specializes in disinfection of private (apartments, buildings) and business premises, as our main goal is to provide a high level of services, in terms of SARS-CoV-2 Disinfection which concerns the protection of public health by COVID-19. It also concludes contracts with the State and with public entities with high efficiency.
Our company guarantees the maximum efficiency and it achieves this both through the well-trained scientifically trained staff, which has many years of experience, and through the modern equipment. The preparations used by MEDEON- DAMATERA G.P. have the necessary approvals of the AEO and the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Our company implements all the necessary certification systems: ISO 9001, ISO 15001, ISO 45001 and EN 16636 CEPA against pests, wanting to certify the quality of services it offers and ensure the satisfaction of the needs and requirements of its customers.

All applications of disinfection, disinfestation, rodenticides and repulsion are carried out by specialized agronomists. Our team is always close to you for anything that concerns you in the process.

Finally, by issuing a file with all the necessary certificates, the customer is fully informed about our methods, precautions and materials.