Our Goal


Aim of MEDEON – DAMATERA G.P. is to create and maintain a trustworthy environment in which our customers will feel welcome, safe and satisfied enjoying disinfection services of high scientific value. The services of our company fully comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, national and international, and fully meet the requirements and wishes of our customers.

It achieves this through trained and efficient staff. The staff takes all personal protection measures (masks with carbon filters, disposable overalls, goggles, gloves), uses certified (EU) machines, state-of-the-art and approved by the National Medicines Agency (EOF) and the Ministry of Rural Development and Food , taking into account their MSDS (Safety Data Sheets). Care of the staff is the correct observance of the procedures of sanitation, cleaning and disinfection, compatible with the hygiene and safety regulations as they are defined by the legislation, in order to achieve proper disinfection. In addition, the safety of both the environment in which the application takes place and the people working in it is our top priority.

The Management of MEDEON – DAMATERA G.P. provides all the necessary tools and resources for quality success